About Rev. William S. Banks

Rev. William S. Banks

Senior Paster

Pastor Banks is the current Pastor of Anderson Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Holly Springs, Mississippi. He and his congregation are working hard to be a vibrant service to the needs of its parishioners and the community at large. In addition to his current pastorate at Anderson Chapel, he has served as pastor to several churches across the Middle and South Georgia Region in the 6th Episcopal District and one church in the 4th Episcopal District. These include Williams Memorial C.M.E. Temple Church in Shreveport, LA, Usher’s Temple C.M.E. in Fort Valley, GA, Clifford Temple C.M.E. (Thomasville), Mt. Sinai C.M.E. (Milner), Bethel C.M.E. (Roberta), Mt. Zion C.M.E. (Roberta) and Mt. Olive C.M.E. (the Rock). Pastor Banks also served as supply Pastor to Adams Tabernacle C.M.E. and Friendship C.M.E. of Gray, GA.

As a leader in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev. Banks has also served on the district, regional, and connectional levels to include the joint board of finance, chair of the committee on ministerial examination, a member of the general board and elected as a delegate to several General Conferences. His service and tenure with this church fellowship has been lifelong where he feels the spirit of God has purposely placed him.

As a preacher, he has shared the word of God at the following activities throughout this Conference Year: MS South Annual Conference – July 19, 2014; Bracks Chapel CME, Bossier City, LA – July 13-15, 2014; Morning Meditation, Local Radio Station (WKRA) – Sept 16, 2014; Meditation, Rust College Board of Trustees Fall Meeting – Nov. 7, 2014; Benediction, Rust College 148th Founders’ Convocation – Nov. 9, 2014; Walton Chapel CME Church – Nov. 9, 2014; Bates Chapel CME Decoration) – Dec. 19, 2014; Holly Springs Intermediate School (Mentor for Boys) – Jan. 29, 2015; Holy Family School – Jan. 30, 2015; Knights Chapel CME Church – Nov. 23, 2014;


Marshall County Correctional Institution (Judged Christmas Decoration) – Dec. 19, 2014; Holly Springs Intermediate School (Mentor for Boys) – Jan. 29, 2015; Holy Family School – Jan. 30, 2015; Knights Chapel CME Church, Olive Branch, MS – Feb. 8, 2015; Meditation, Trinity Mission Nursing Home (Sis. Johnnie Anderson’s Birthday) – March 3, 2015; Smith Chapel CME Church – March 17, 2015; South Louisiana Region Spring Convocation – March 28, 2015; St. Paul CME Church, Savannah, GA – May 17, 2015; Bethlehem CME Church – May 18-20, 2015; Holly Springs-Oxford District Conference (Communion Service) – June 5, 2015; Wilkins Chapel CME – July 5, 2015.

As a scholar, his educational background includes a Master’s of Divinity from the Phillips School of Theology at the Interdenominational Theological Center (Atlanta, GA), a Bachelor of Business Administration from Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA) and an Associate of Science degree from Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA). In his different leadership roles, Rev. Banks has also actively served as an advocate to the local communities and its citizens. He has served on the Board of Directors, member and adviser to organizations such as Community Transformation, Inc., Hands-On, Family Connection, the Georgia Family Council, Louisiana Interfaith Conference and many other non-profit foundations which seek to address the educational, social, and spiritual needs of the people.

Pastor Banks is married to Mrs. Elaine Banks. Their family includes their god-children, Jessica, Ladarius, Reginal, Deidra, and Makayla. Pastor Banks is a true believer of the word, the work, and the salvation of the Lord as well as his call to spread the gospel to the fullest of his ability to help those seeking to know Jesus.

Recently received awards:

January 2021:

Recognition of Outstanding Pastors Across the Connection Fourth Episcopal District Pastor of the Year Award

February 2021:

Spiritual Impact Awards Honoree
Sponsored by Dr. Charlie Hames and the Beebe Memorial Cathedral, Los Angeles, California

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