Stewardess Board

Vision Statement: It shall be the vision of Anderson Chapel’s Stewardess to serve the Lord Table with reverence, humility, integrity, and respect for all who shall come to His Table, to love our brothers and sisters, and to be a witness to others through his teachings.



  • To foster and nurture young ladies who will shadow the Stewardess and potentially become Junior   Stewardesses in the church so that they will learn the meaning of being a servant of God through work;
  • To minister to the sick and shut-in through communion, cards, visits, and calls;
  • To sponsor a joint program with the Stewards to foster financial support for the ongoing program of the church;
  • To sponsor a Simply elegant Fashion Show/Christmas Salad Fiesta to fellowship with other churches and the community and make a special financial contribution to the church;
  • To collaborate with the New Member Ministry to help reclaim old members and increase attendance;
  • To purchase fans for needy individuals and decorations for the fellowship hall.




Fergenia Hood, President
Yvonne Lucas, Vice-President
Fannie Lampley, Secretary
Shirley Evans, Assistant-Secretary
Josephine Boone, Treasurer
Judy Autry, Chaplain
Jean Moore, Assistant Chaplain
Fergenia Hood, Representative to BOCE


For additional information please contact:  Fergenia Hood, 662-252-1938