Steward Board



Vision Statement:
That the Steward Board will faithfully discharge the responsibilities of Stewardship as outlined in Chapter 35 of the Book of Discipline, encourage Church members in spiritual growth, be financially supportive, and give support and aid to the sick, shut-in and the needy of our Church community.


  • To oversee and provide reports on all financial matters of the Church by maintaining accurate records of income, expenditures, and financial transactions.
  • To work with each ministry in developing plans for their financial support.
  • To continually develop our spiritual Stewardship through Bible study, Sunday School, Worship Service and other charitable or mentorship organizations.
Officers of the Steward Board
  • Rothenia Walton, Chairperson
  • Willa Terry, Secretary
  • Russell Johnson, Recording Steward
  • Ray Von Autry
  • Cara Scales
  • Cecilia Dowsing-Adams
  • Henry Hood
  • Paul Lampley
  • Christine Ratcliff
For additional information please contact:  Rothenia Walton, 662-252-1938