Missionary Society



Vision Statement:
C.M.E. Missionaries reaching back, standing firm, and moving ahead to serve, teach, and mentor in a
Christian manner to our Church Family and the community.


  • Providing assistance and care to our sick and shut-in;
  • Mentoring female youth offenders and children and youth in the church family, e.g., Big Sister Program;
  • Assisting female criminal offenders with the necessary skills to survive outside of the confinement of jail/prison and the necessary skills to search for employment, e.g., to apply and fill out employment applications, dress for interviews/employment, etc.; and
  • Participating fully with the ministries and programs of the Women’s Missionary Society of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.
  • Meet every 4th Sunday at 3:00 p.m.
Fannie Lampley, President
Willa Terry, Vice-President
Rothenia Walton, Secretary
Mary Kincaide-Bibbs, Assistant Secretary
Stella Hall, Treasurer
Shirley Byers, Parliamentarian


For additional information please contact: Fannie Lampley 662-252-1938